If you need training to
use your app then the
app was not produced
We are here to help you take your
business a step further in the virtual
world and make things easier and
solve your problems. We use
innovative and cutting edge t
echnology and the best practices
to provide comprehensive web
development services.



At MAK Business Solutions we are experienced professionals that have the capacity to create, launch and support website of any complexity and scalability. We make sure that your website is not only easy to use but also content-worthy. We can create from simple websites to complex interactive websites. The site's usability and functionality will match its design.

We create responsive designs for your website and provide an optimal viewing and interactive experience on all devices regardless if it is a mobile phone or tablet. We make sure that your brand or business will reach across all platforms.

Our creative designers will design your site from scratch that looks appealing and functions smoothly. An attractive and eye-catching website is useless if it’s performance is not at par, which is why we make sure that everything in the site is seamless and runs smoothly like a well-oiled money making machine.




With the advent of smartphones and tablets, more people are browsing the web using their mobile apps. This is why it is only logical to make sure your business has mobile app as well. You can target more clients by reaching across all platforms and this includes the mobile devices arena. Basically, any software today must have a strong and solid mobile strategy and we can help you with this.

We have covered advanced strategy, concept, design and development for mobile apps and mobile software components built on iOS, Android, Blackberry and also Windows Phone 7.




Cloud has made way to a new level of platform revolution. Cloud based applications are accessible on any device. Cloud based apps also provide instant software updates to you and your end-users.

Using Cloud based applications, you will have better accounting, customer service and sales information. This is why more business are making the smart choice of making their applications accessible via cloud. We can help you leverage the cloud for application development to gain agility, speed-to-market ratio and cost efficiency in your business. MAK Business Solutions can build custom applications that control cloud application structure and transfer legacy applications to cloud designs.






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